Behind the Design, Ep. 17: Momentum Aug. '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 17: Momentum Aug. '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 17: Momentum Aug. '23

Always Forward

It’s that time of year when the vibrant energy of summer starts to transition into the cool and quiet of fall. The heat is still blazing, but on odd days when the air feels crisp and new, you can feel that autumn is just around the corner. 

Transitions can be rough. They can be disorienting, confusing. But when you take on the right mindset, they can also be extremely powerful. 

As Vitality Co-Founder Taylor Chamberlain Dilk puts it, "When entering a new chapter, the feeling of uncertainty can sometimes feel scary. But with each new chapter and phase of life, the biggest thing we can control is our mindset. I have found that when I welcome new chapters with open arms vs. fear the unknowns, the growth that occurs within is something that shapes me to become a better me. So, as we launch this beautiful transitional collection heading into a new season, let's embrace all that is to come."

Inspired by the power of transitions, Vitality is proud to introduce the Momentum Aug. ‘23 collection, our celebration of this season of transformation.

No matter what kind of athlete you are or what your style is, we designed Momentum to be a collection of uber-versatile performance pieces that can power you through to your next phase.

The collection includes new styles, colorways, and prints in our medium-compression, high-performance Vitality Pulse™ fabric and super-sporty, all-activity women’s and men’s shorts in our brand-new sibling lines Surface and React.

Vitality Ascend II women's compressive shorts and sports brasVitality Pulse™ (formerly Ascend II) is a five-star fan favorite. This year, it's been reengineered for peak performance with 4-way stretch, a sleeker handfeel, more durable construction, and majority recycled materials.

As Vitality's Director of Product, Alexa, explains, " Vitality Pulse has medium-high compression so it’s perfect for those high-impact workouts as well as low-impact workouts. The fabric itself has a UPF of 50+ to protect your skin from the sun when you are outside. In addition, Pulse has sweat-wicking and antimicrobial properties, which makes it the perfect fabric for those extra-sweaty workout sessions.

Women's workout shorts and supportive sports bras in plus sizes to petite in Vitality Ascend II fabric

In this upcoming release, we have new prints and colorways for our:

• Classic Vitality Pulse™ Pant and  Vitality Pulse™ Volley Short, high-rise performance bottoms with a sleek handfeel, medium weight, and level 3/5 medium compression.
• New Vitality Pulse™ Racer Bra and Vitality Pulse™ Racer Tank, medium-support racerback tops with removable bust pads and no-dig underbust bands.

 Vitality sports bras, women's leggings, and gym shortsTaylor says, "I can talk about our Pulse fabric all day but when it comes to our brand new styles launching, I am SO excited to get them out into the world. Starting with our Racer Tank and Racer Bra: when combining comfort, support, and a style that embraces every body type, a racer style is IT. I think we absolutely nailed the fit and I can't WAIT for you to try them!! A MUST."

Surface, for women, and React, for men, are sibling lines of performance bottoms featuring a lightweight outer shell with a swishy handfeel and an attached inner liner made of breathable and compressive Vitality Pulse performance fabric.

Vitality Surface and React Run Shorts for men and women

Vitality's Head of Product, Alexa, explains, "These pieces are such a throwback for me! They remind me of my old soccer shorts from when I was young—but with a bunch of extreme upgrades. They have a swishy handfeel and texture to them, yet they are very lightweight and flexible. The shell fabric itself is water-resistant and 100% recycled. The built-in liner is our best-selling Vitality Pulse fabric, so it’s compressive and provides additional coverage and support. The liner has pockets so you can store your personal items. Along the side seam of the shorts, we added side slits to create extra room for a wider range of movement. For comparison, the Breeze Run Shorts and Prime Train Shorts styles have a lighter weight and are lined with less compressive fabric making them looser fitting, making the Surface and React Run Shorts more pure performance pieces."

In this debut release, we have high-performance shorts that are designed with water resistance, UPF 50+ protection, and enhanced flex to match your highest intensity:

  • The women’s Surface Run Short features built-in liner pockets, a cinch cord, and majority recycled materials.

  • The men’s React Run Short has pockets in both the liner and the outer shell, a drawstring waist, majority recycled materials, and a step hem for freer movement.

"The Surface Short is my favorite style launching in this collection," says Taylor. "These are the most flattering running shorts we have ever come out with, but not only that, the inside liner is our Pulse fabric and the shell is a retro look with beautiful bold colors that pair back to the Bold Palette. Each short is mix and matchable with everything we launched this summer."

The colorways and prints of the Momentum collection also reflect the transition from summer’s vibrancy to the more muted tones of fall.

"We are closing out summer by highlighting our Bold Palette for our Surface Run Short and React Run Short," Alexa says. "Anyone who purchased from our previous summer Bold pieces, will see these pair back perfectly to those earlier collections. But, in Momentum, we will also be introducing an extension of our Classic Palette with new colors. These are nice, warm hues that will really set the tone for the cooler months and the styles to come." 

Fresh colorways like Rosewood, Matcha, Lavender, and Mocha, as well as new landscape-inspired prints Terrain, Mountainside, Sundown, and Campfire, bring completely new dimensions and pairing opportunities to the Vitality Color SystemTM Classic Palette. 

As Co-Founder Chloe Chamberlain explains, "The Vitality Color System was created to make our customers’ lives easier as they choose their outfit each morning and to expand the wearability of every Vitality piece they add to their wardrobe. Not only does this increase the value, but it’s better for the planet and solves a massive sustainability issue in the fashion industry.

"The Classic Palette provides timeless daily staples for chic outfits with endless mix-and-matchability. Earlier this year we introduced one half of the Classic Palette in cool tones, and now we are doubling the palette with our warm tones. The addition of these color families allows for further pairing, not just within the color family, but crossing color families from the entire Classic Palette, of which you’ll see more examples in the coming weeks. The rich, warm colors evoke their own mood and carry us into the fall season in a reimagined take on some of the world's most consistent, long-standing, and cherished colors.

Momentum Aug. ‘23 will launch on August 22nd at 10am MT. There will be no Early Access for this collection, so make sure you prep for the big day by creating a Wishlist. Just click the heart icon next to your fave pieces! (To save—and share—your picks, simply create or log in to your customer account!)

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