Behind the Design, Ep. 21: Cozy Winter '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 21: Cozy Winter '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 21: Cozy Winter '23

Welcome home

In just a few more weeks, it’ll be that special, wondrous, magical time of year when we finally get to turn on our automatic out-of-office replies, update our calendars to decline all meetings, and switch our Slack statuses to “Away.” 

At Vitality, we’re really feeling the spirit of the season—ready to slam our laptops shut and head home for the holidays. That’s why we’re so excited about our new Cozy Winter ‘23 collection

A couple in pieces from Vitality's Cozy Winter '23 collection

This a wide-ranging collection offering a mix of dressed-up athleisure looks and chilly-weather essentials that are perfect for wrapping up your last few action items before you head home and slip into the Cozy sets that—let’s face it—you’re going to live in through New Year’s.

Starting with the dressier side of the collection, Cozy Winter ‘23 introduces two new Vitality lines—Puffer and Basis—and debuts new styles and colorways of Nomad/Navigator and Adapt.

The new lightweight and versatile Vitality Puffer Jacket
Our Vitality Puffer Jacket is a multipurpose masterpiece. Not only did we stuff it with enough 100 gsm imitation silk cotton to block wind and hold heat, we managed to keep it light enough to roll up and stuff in a bag if you need. And not only did we cut it so that it’s the perfect length for warm everyday wear, we also gave it an adjustable cinch for a more stylish cropped look. Basically, we played 4D chess with this one, designing the Puffer Jacket to strike the perfect balance between versatile, insulating, lightweight, functional, and super cute all at the same time. 

Lightweight women's puffer jacket from Vitality

Alexa, Vitality's Director of Product, explains all the careful thought that went into the design: "For the Puffer Jacket, we wanted to pick a base fabric which was super lightweight, so the base fabric is 100% nylon which is a lightweight and durable synthetic fiber. Nylon is naturally hydrophobic (meaning it repels water), wrinkle-resistant, stretch-resistant, shrink-resistant, and generally easy to care for.  Dirt and debris do not hold well to nylon, making it easy to clean."

The warm and lightweight women's Puffer Jacket from Vitality
"Then for the fill of the jacket, we wanted warmth without bulk, so we selected 100 gsm imitation silk cotton, which is similar to down feathers in that it relies on the air layer between the cotton fibers to prevent outside cold from reaching the body and prevents body heat from escaping, so customers can feel warm due to the fiber's heat-storage properties. But imitation silk cotton helps control the price, since down feathers can be quite expensive. We wanted to make sure this jacket was at a price point that was affordable while still providing all the warmth and quality of much more expensive version!"

When simplicity is done right, there’s nothing simple about it. Elevating a basic piece into an icon of style requires meticulous calibration of fabric to fit, and with our new Basis Tee and Basis Rib Tank, our design team did just that. Basis is all about everyday elegance. It pairs tailored silhouettes with a super-stretchy form-fitting fabric that offers total comfort and excellent recovery. And with slightly cropped lengths, raw-cut hems, and timeless neutral colorways, these pieces absolutely belong in your first-choice lineup.

With our sibling Nomad/Navigator lines, we set out to create true crossover styles that could work just as well in a casual office as they do in the gym. They offer tailored fits and upscale design details for some of our most polished athleisure looks, but they’re also loaded with high-performance elements like enhanced durability, majority recycled materials, and antimicrobial properties.

Women's Nomad Jacket and Nomad Jogger from Vitality
Alexa explains: "Nomad/Navigator is a medium-weight knitted fabric with a high content of Lycra. The fabric is composed of 75% recycled nylon and 25% Lycra. Lycra adds stretch and nylon offers elasticity while also providing rugged durability and resistance to tears and abrasions. So, while looking great, these pieces are also super durable."

In addition to the classic
Nomad Short and Jogger and Navigator Jogger in fresh colorways, this collection features an all-new Nomad Jacket for women and Navigator Jacket for men. These pieces are next-level.

The women's Nomad Jacket from Vitality
The second you put them on you’ll notice how incredible their brushed interlock fabric liners are and how elevated we made the hardware and heat-retaining cinch elements.

"We really wanted to make sure the weight and composition of this fabric was substantial as these styles are intended for indoor and outdoor activities," Alexa says. "The brushed lining on the Nomad and Navigator Jackets provides extra warmth because the raised, fluffy fibers in the liner trap more air particles, which helps retain body heat." 

Men's 3/4 zip Navigator Jacket from Vitality
Our Co-Founder Steve, wearing the Navigator Jacket, maybe put it best: “It’s incredible! This might be my favorite piece we’ve ever come out with.” 

Ever since we first launched them, guys can’t stop talking about just how soft their Adapt Tees and Adapt Tanks are. And the fits are a game-changer thanks to smart details like the slight scoop edge, relaxed silhouette, and a turnback hem to give just the right amount of added weight so the shirt hangs perfectly. With this collection we’re launching fresh neutral colors of both of these classic styles and upping the options with a new Adapt Long Sleeve in crazy-versatile colors like Terracotta, Mocha, Matcha, Oat, and Midnight.

But after all the hustle and bustle, all you really want to do is get Cozy.

Men's and women's Cozy sets from Vitality, in unisex styles
You know the feeling. After a long day, the first thing you do when you get home is shed that out-in-the-world outfit and slip into the softest things you own. Because let’s face it: until you’re cozy, you’re not really home. That feeling is the entire reason we created our Cozy line. These pieces were specifically designed to be the softest things you own.

And this holiday season’s Cozy collection—with an even bigger range of women’s and unisex styles (like the Women’s Cozy Zip, Women’s Cozy Trouser, Women’s Cozy Crop Crew, Uni Cozy Zip, Uni Cozy Jogger, Uni Cozy Crew, and Uni Cozy Short), a ridiculously soft new brushed-fleece fabric, and colorways that for the first time ever mix and match with other collections thanks to The Vitality Color System™—is extra special.

Cozy sweat sets from Vitality
"With the success of Cozy's debut last year, we wanted to make sure this year's Cozy launch was even better," says Alexa. "So, while last year we used French terry for our Cozy pieces, this year we chose fleece. Fleece essentially starts as a French terry but there is an added step where the fabric undergoes a mechanical process by which brushes are rubbed on the surface of the fabric to pull up the very softest fibers from the yarns. This gives a fuzzier texture to the cotton, making it super soft,  naturally warm, and...well...cozy. It is top-notch and so comfortable!"

Brushed fleece interior of Vitality's Cozy collection

General access to Cozy Winter ‘23 will open 12/7 at 10am MT, with Early Access private shopping starting at 9:30am MT.

And if last year’s Cozy drop taught us anything, it’s that you DEFINITELY want to shop Early Access! Our most popular sizes and colorways sold out within minutes, so if you’re in the U.S. and not yet signed up for Early Access texts, you should do that right now.

The holidays are almost here, so if you’re thinking the same thing we are (“matching jammies!”), make sure you order by 12/9 for on-time delivery with standard shipping!

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