Behind the Design, Ep. 22: Cherry Jan. '24 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 22: Cherry Jan. '24

Behind the Design, Ep. 22: Cherry Jan. '24

This Year's Gonna Be Sweet

It’s easy to get cynical about New Year’s. The same old resolutions. The same old, tired “New Year, New You” tropes.

And yet there really is something magical about seeing the clock strike midnight and the calendar reset.

It’s a feeling of pure potential. With each new year, not only do we envision fresh possibilities for ourselves, but we also actually believe in our capacity to achieve them. We don’t just make wishes; we take action.

That feeling—that anything is possible and you’re just the person to achieve it—is exactly what we tried to capture with our new Cherry Jan. ‘24 collection.

This collection is all about making bold declarations and refusing to be ignored. And nothing declares, “I refuse to be ignored,” quite as boldly as the deep, loud, passionate cherry red of the Cloud II™ styles in this collection.

Cloud II is our everywear fabric. It’s the perfect balance of medium compression, ultra-lightweight feel, and marshmallow softness. We’ve loaded it with the latest performance features, like 4-way stretch, anti-microbial and sweat-wicking tech, and UPF 50+ protection—plus we make it with BPA-free and recycled materials. But Cloud II has another special feature that’s on full display with Cherry Jan. ‘24: the ability to hold richer, more vibrant color than other fabrics.

The true star of this collection is the new Cherry colorway. It’s bold and daring, yet still versatile—and we specifically chose it because it looks great with any skin tone. Vitality fans will be excited to rediscover some of their all-time favorites, like the Cloud II™ Pant, Cloud II™ Volley Short, and Cloud II™ Jacket in the Cherry colorway, and the Cloud II™ Court JumpsuitCloud II™ Convertible Bra, and Cloud II™ Convertible Tank introduce fresh style possibilities. 

The Cloud II Court Jumpsuit is an exciting new addition to our line of Cloud II jumpsuits. Our jumpsuits have been selling out on day one since day one, and we know this one—with its scoop front and back, adjustable skinny straps, and fitted but flexible silhouette—will be just as big a hit.

In the spirit of unlocking possibilities, this collection also sees the debut of our new Cloud II Convertible Bra and Cloud II Convertible Tank. We designed these pieces to adapt flawlessly to any style situation, whether it’s working out or going out. With their adjustable, removable, and criss-crossable straps, they can be worn 9 different ways. And for the Cloud II Convertible Bra, we even added extra elastic to the top and bottom hems in case you want to wear it as a tube top. For a finishing touch, heart-shaped adjusters act as a super-cute fem detail and a gentle reminder that this year, you’re going to follow your heart.

But after boldly putting ourselves out there, we all need to rest and recover. That’s why the Cherry Jan. ‘24 collection also includes new Cozy pieces! Our bestselling Women’s Cozy Zip and Cozy Trouser as well as our unisex styles, the Uni Cozy Short, Uni Cozy Crew, Uni Cozy Zip, and Uni Cozy Jogger are back in new colorways Stone Marl and Bubblegum Marl.

And to (literally) top it all off, we’re introducing a new Vitality accessory: the Vitality Beanie in Bubblegum. It’s got a ridiculously soft sweater-knit fabric and an embroidered Vitality logo.

The collection drops Jan. 4th at 10am MT, with Early Access private shopping starting at 9:30am MT. But trust us, with a collection this bold and fiery, it’s going to sell out super fast, so if you’re in the U.S. and not yet signed up for Early Access texts, you should do that right now.

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