Behind the Design, Ep. 3: Nude Thong – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 3: Nude Thong

Behind the Design, Ep. 3: Nude Thong - Vitality

We've engineered the ultimate under-legging underwear

You know us, if there’s a piece of gym wear that needs an upgrade, we’re gonna upgrade it. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Nude Thong. Featherlight, sweat-wicking, antimicrobial, and engineered to stay put, this is the under-legging underwear if you want to add an extra layer of confidence without compromising on comfort. 

Vitality's new Nude Thong, the ideal under-legging underwear.

We asked Director of Product, Alexa to give us the full lowdown:


What can customers expect from Vitality’s Nude Thong versus another brand’s?

The comfort of this thong is unreal! The heat-bonded edges prevent that annoying digging-in feeling, which is why these panties feel like you are hardly wearing anything. The fabric is so lightweight and soft. It’s perfect for everyday wear as well as working out. And because of the way these were designed, they prevent camel toe and provide a smoothing effect.   

Can you walk us through some of the key features and design choices?

We have designed the Nude Thong to be anti-camel toe due to the shape of the cut and the materials we chose. The fabric itself is sweat wicking, which is a huge benefit for undergarments especially when hitting the gym. The thong is edgeless, which helps give that smoothing look and prevents it from digging into the body. 

The actual crotch gusset has 3 layers of fabric: main body fabric which is sweat wicking, a breathable spacer in the middle, and then the inner crotch fabric is 100% cotton with antibacterial properties so you don’t have to worry about odor throughout the day. 

Because the seamless material is so breathable, it’s never going to feel like it’s sticky or uncomfortable on your body. We also felt it was important to have a heat transfer printed care label to avoid that itchy, annoying label at the back which most women like to cut out due to the discomfort. And because of the extreme flexibility, stretch and comfort of the fabric, we have chosen to combine sizes so you can feel confident at all times as your body changes throughout the day, month or year.   

We felt it was very important to have these features so you can feel good about wearing the panty all day long, even if you are getting your sweat on!

Since Vitality’s usual offerings are in gymwear categories like leggings, shorts, and sports bras, the Nude Thong represents a bit of a departure. Why did you see the thong as a product to innovate? 

We realized that there was a need for an undergarment which can be worn during the day as well as into your workout. It is important to have undergarments which are so comfortable that it almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything. 

The huge thing for me is that we have added those sweat-wicking and antimicrobial properties which are a HUGE benefit when wearing undergarments to the gym. I am also obsessed with the bonded edges because the thong will never dig in no matter what movement you are doing during your day or at the gym.


The Nude Thong will come in packs of three and will be available in two colors: Light Nude and Deep Nude. With the lightweight stretch of the fabric, we’re able to offer these in combined sizes that offer a more flex fit: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, and 3XL/4XL.  

Light Nude and Deep Nude color comparisons for Vitality's new Nude Thong workout underwear

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