Behind the Design, Ep. 6: Evoke March '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 6: Evoke March '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 6: Evoke March '23 - Vitality

Engineered for high intensity

Here at Vitality, we’re all about optimizing the wearing experience. We think through every nuance of all the different contexts and ways in which someone might wear one of our garments to make sure the fit, fabric, and feel are just right for everyBODY. 

That may mean creating a line like Daydream, with its next-to-naked feel making it ideal for lighter activities like yoga and pilates or just lounging around in total relaxed comfort. It may mean we upgrade our cross-functional Cloud fabric to make it even better fitting, more sustainable, and more adaptable to any type of workout or activity.

But it also means that we sometimes design specific pieces for specific situations. 

And, today, that situation is beast mode

Because we believe it doesn’t matter how smooth our chaturanga-to-updog is or how many miles we clock on a meditative long run, every now and then we all just need to hit the gym, go heavy, and be bad*ss. 

That’s why we’re so pumped up about our new Evoke collection

Vitality's Evoke line of sustainable gym wear designed for HIIT and power lifting workouts

These compressive, performance sets are designed for high-intensity training and weight lifting—and feature glute and chest scrunch details to maximize your assets for an added boost of confidence and power. 

In this first Evoke launch, we’re introducing three items: the Evoke Pant, Evoke Volley Short, and Evoke V Bra, all in a durable and friction-resistant seamless fabric with a mid-to-high compression level and sweat-wicking and anti-microbial properties. They feature combined sizing for a forever fit and optimum performance as your body changes throughout the day, month, or year.

Evoke sports bra and seamless women's leggings with a glute scrunch, by Vitality athleisure

For more insight into the thought behind the design, we reached out to Director of Product, Alexa.


How would you describe our new Evoke fabric and how does it compare to the other fabrics we offer?

We want you to feel powerful and fierce in these garments.

So, our Evoke fabric is seamless and naturally offers more compression than our Cloud II or Daydream lines. But while it’s more compressive, it still offers plenty of comfort and flexibility to move with you throughout your day.

And because it’s designed for performance, we also added sweat-wicking, fast-drying and anti-microbial features as well!

What are some callout features of the Evoke collection?

The biggest thing is the glute scrunch on the bottoms! It hugs your glutes in the most perfect way to truly show off your best assets.

Also, the ribbed waistband on the Pant and Volley Short gives additional targeted compression that sculpts your waist without digging or squeezing. 

The V Bra also has a similar scrunch detail in the front, which accentuates your chest while tying back to the glute scrunch detail on the Pant and Volley Short. The cross-back straps on the V Bra also offer additional support for those higher-intensity workouts.

The Evoke collection by Vitality, featuring seamless leggings with a glute scrunch for weight lifting and HIIT

Compared to the other seamless, glute scrunch leggings out there, what sets Evoke apart?

We strategically placed the glute scrunch in the perfect spot! Some brands have a glute scrunch that is longer and/or higher up on the glute seam, but we found a happy medium to ensure the scrunch would be the most flattering AND comfortable on your body. 

Our goal in designing these Evoke leggings was to sculpt and smooth your body while also accentuating your best assets.

What are some benefits of combined sizing?

We chose to do combined sizing for these pieces in order to give them a “forever fit” feeling. So, as your body or shape changes throughout the day, month, or year, your Evoke pieces can always fit great. For that reason, and because the compression level is at the mid-to-high level, we recommend sizing up if you tend to fluctuate between sizes.

For people who haven’t worn leggings with a glute scrunch before, what do they need to know to get the best fit possible?

The key to getting the ultimate look is to pull the glute scrunch as much as possible in the rear to ensure you are maximizing your cheeks, and sizing up helps create that perfect fit. You will be amazed how good your backside will look!


Vitality's Evoke collection of women's leggings, sports bras, and workout shorts for weight lifting and high-intensity workouts

The Evoke Pant, Volley Short, and V Bra will be available, in Midnight black only, on Thursday, March 16th. Open access will begin at 10am MT, but Early Access text subscribers will be able to unlock 30 minutes of private shopping starting at 9:30am MT.

So if you haven’t yet signed up for Early Access texts, you need to get on that ASAP.

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