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Get Cozy - Vitality

Announcing Vitality's Cozy Collection

It’s that magical time of year. The snow is starting to fall. Everything smells like cinnamon and evergreen. The streets are decorated with sparkling lights and crowded with shoppers. It’s the season of singalongs, of getting together with friends and family, of festive meals and holiday parties.

Which is all well and good, of course. But if you’re like us, it’s also the time of year when all you want to do is skip all that, stay home, and GET COZY.

For the Vitality Fam, this is snuggle season. It's slouch-on-the-couch season. We've worked hard and played hard all year and now we are ready for some s
taycations and hibernations, baby!

Which is why...

Vitality is EXTREMELY excited to announce our Cozy Collection of 100% cotton loungewear, just in time for winter.

Cozy Zip and Cozy Jogger, from Vitality's new oversized loungewear collection

This loungewear collection includes three pieces of pure comfy perfection: a Cozy Crew and Cozy Jogger, a classic gender-neutral sweat set with a slightly oversized fit for women and a true-to-size fit for men, and a Cozy Zip, a women’s classic full-front zip hoodie with a slouchy fit that sits right at the hip (but which can be sized down for a tighter, more cropped look). 

Vitality's Cozy collection features oversized unisex loungewear

Vitality Cozy Jogger unisex sweat pants and oversized loungewear

All three, the unisex Cozy Crew and Cozy Jogger, and women’s Cozy Zip are made from 100% cotton French terry that we put through a stone wash for a vintage, lived-in feel, these pieces are absolutely dripping with “fireside hot cocoa in a mountain cabin on a snowy day” vibes. They feature ribbed hems and cuffs to seal in warmth.  


Vitality Cozy Collection loungewear and sweat setsVitality Cozy Crew unisex oversized sweatshirt and loungewear

But if you do feel like braving the outside world, these Cozy loungewear sets are more than capable of keeping up and doing it in style.

Check out the lookbook here.

The fabric is extremely durable and naturally breathable, and all three items come in seven mix-and-matchable colorway spectrum that runs from a deep, wintry green through wine red to light tan:

  • Malachite
  • Serpentine
  • Wine
  • Obsidian
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Champagne

Vitality Cozy Collection oversized loungewear for men and women

If you’re unfortunate enough to have to spend most days in office clothes, we are one-thousand-percent certain that your Cozy ‘fits will become mandatory “can’t wait to change into” attire. 

"You are going to want to live in these Cozy 'fits, so get ready. Move-in date is December 14th!"

Browse Vitality's Cozy Collection HERE>

In my house, we have a concept called “soft clothes.” It's a term reserved for the clothes you immediately change into after spending the whole day in whatever outfit you have to wear while you’re out in the world. Coming home from work or school or whatever, your soft clothes are the first thing you beeline for. 

Vitality loungewear collection includes comfy oversized sweats in unisex styles

Usually, soft clothes are a little…shall we say…less than fashionable. (We're talking old, ratty tees and grandma jammies, that sort of thing.) Take it from an expert; it’s very very rarely the case that soft clothes can double as outside clothes that are worthy of public viewing.

But the Vitality Cozy Crew, Cozy Jogger, and Cozy Zip sit at the absolute tip-top of the soft clothes pyramid. They are not just comfortable, they are super-stylish, with rich, vibrant colors and a loose fit that still manages to flatter your frame. 

Once you try on these new 100% cotton oversized loungewear sets, you are going to want to live in them. So get ready. Move-in date is December 14th, 2022! (And if you haven't signed up for Early Access texts yet, you'll want to do that right here. These Cozy sets are gonna sell out fast.)

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