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New Product Spotlight: Versa Full Tee

New Product Spotlight: Versa Full Tee

You asked, we listened.

One of the most common product requests we get is for more women’s full-length t-shirts. But there are so many options already available out there that we wanted to make sure that our next full-length tee would be well worth the wait. 

If you’re one of those customers, we’ve got some good news….

The Versa Full Tee is here. 

Made of our ridiculously soft, flexible, and lightweight new Versa fabric, the Versa Full Tee is exactly the product you’ve been waiting for. 

Versa Full Tee

The difference between any-old t-shirt and a truly exceptional one is something you feel the instant you put it on. But it can be difficult to put your finger on just what makes it so unique. Is it the fabric? Is it the fit? Is it the special little design details? As you’ll see with the Versa Full Tee—the answer is yes.

“The Versa fabric is so flexible and soft, which is a huge reason why we chose this material for these pieces. We want these to be very easy pieces to wear on the daily,” says Alexa, Vitality’s Director of Product.

The Versa Full Tee for women

“Versa consists of recycled polyester with a blend of lyocell and Spandex. The polyester gives the fabric a soft handfeel while adding drape to the material, and the lyocell helps keep your skin feeling cool and dry and both give the shirt a wrinkle-free look. The Spandex gives the fabrication enough stretch to ensure that it’s flexible and comfortable on the body.” The overall effect is of a highly breathable, lightweight t-shirt, with ample 4-way stretch and enhanced durability, making for a shirt that can go anywhere and do anything, from dressing up a casual look to standing up to a rugged outdoor workout.

The Versa Full Tee for women offers extra coverage and a relaxed fit

The shape of the Versa Full Tee is also truly next-level, helping to create an absolutely perfect fit for every size, from 2XS to 4XL. “The Versa Full Tee offers maximum coverage in the front and the back of the garment, with the front designed to be longer than your waistband and the back slightly longer to provide additional coverage.”

We elevated the design even more by adding nearly imperceptible details that make it so that once you try on the Versa Full Tee, you simply won’t ever want to take it back off. 

“Customers may not even notice that there’s no armhole seam, but that design decision really adds to the overall comfort of the piece. But the slight scoop hem is my favorite part of this style. It’s an extra detail that allows the customer to tuck the top into your bottoms if desired. It has a turnback element that gives the hem a tiny amount of extra weight so the fabric drapes beautifully. All of these choices add up, giving the shirt added shape and extra detail without being over the top.”

The Versa Full Tee for women has a scoop hem

Our new Versa Full Tee will launch 5.23.23 along with the Versa Slouch Tee and the rest of our Traveler May ‘23 collection (at 10 am MT, with Early Access for text subscribers from 9:30–10am).

The Versa tees will be available in sizes ranging from 2XS to 4XL and available in Slate, True, Mauve, Mint, Midnight, and Ash, all colorways in our Vitality Color SystemTM Classic Palette.

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