Behind the Design, Ep. 10: Versa & Adapt – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 10: Versa & Adapt

Behind the Design, Ep. 10: Versa & Adapt

Tech-Enhanced & Timeless

With Vitality's Traveler May ‘23 collection, our goal was to create pieces that were adaptable, super resilient, and up for anything—just like any great travel companion. 

The goal was to create a line of basics that were so perfectly tailored, with fabric tech and design details so impeccably chosen, that they could become quintessential go-to pieces. We wanted to create wardrobe staples that could dress up a casual look but also be so comfortable and durable that you could reach for them for everything, whether you're crushing a WOD, cruising over a 10K finish line, our just lounging around. 

The result was our new Versa and Adapt lines.

Versa and Adapt women's and men's classic tees and tanks with relaxed, classic fits

Vitality’s Versa and Adapt lines are sibling collections of women’s and men’s tops with relaxed-yet-classic fits and all featuring the same lightweight but durable knit fabric that is super comfortable, super soft, and super flexible. 

In this Traveler May ‘23 launch, we’re introducing a Versa Slouch Tee and Versa Full Tee for women as well as two new men’s styles: the Adapt Tank and Adapt Tee.

All feature 4-way stretch and enhanced breathability, majority recycled materials, and subtle design details that turn them into instant wardrobe staples. 
For a deeper look behind the design of Adapt and Versa, we spoke with Vitality’s Director of Product, Alexa:


Like Nomad and Navigator, Versa and Adapt are sibling lines using the same custom fabric. Will you tell us some key features of this new addition to Vitality’s fabrics and why we decided to use it for these styles in particular?

We wanted to pick a very comfortable and flexible knit fabric for these pieces. We wanted them to become closet staples that work for every body, so we needed something super comfortable, soft, and lightweight. The Versa-Adapt material makes these easy items to wear for any occasion, very easy pieces to wear on the daily.

To me, the difference between any-old tee shirt and a truly great tee shirt is massive…but mysterious. Can you peel back the curtain a bit on why the Adapt and Versa tops look so good, feel so fantastic, and are just so wearable?

The fabric! It’s so flexible and soft, which is a huge reason why we chose this material for these pieces. Plus, the fit of these garments is very classic, but relaxed. They almost feel like you aren’t wearing anything because of how easy and comfortable they are. Once you put them on, you won't want to take them off again.

Then the scoop hem adds a nice touch that elevates the look, but there’s also a turnback detail that gives the hem the subtlest bit of extra weight so the garment hangs perfectly.

What are some special design details of the Versa and Adapt product lines that customers absolutely shouldn’t overlook?

The Versa Slouch Tee has a wide neck, which makes this item very versatile. You can wear it as a wide neck or off the shoulder, and the ruching at the side not only makes it slouchy and comfortable but also adds a special detail to the piece.

The Versa Full Tee for women, featuring antimicrobial tech, in the Traveler May '23 collection

The Versa Full Tee offers maximum coverage in the front and the back of the garment. The front is designed to be longer than your waistband, and the back is slightly longer for additional coverage. Plus, the Adapt Tee and Versa Full Tee don’t have armhole seams, which makes them extra comfortable.


Our Vitality Fam will be excited about a few other bonus drops in this collection. Can you tell us what else is coming?

New Synergy tops and a brand-new Vital Workout Mat! 

We’re launching a new Synergy Square Tank and Synergy V Long Sleeve. (Anyone who has tried our Synergy line before will know just how exciting this is!)
And the Vital Workout Mat is seriously next-level. The quality and durability is unmatched. It’s incredibly grippy, and we made it extra long to accommodate every body.

The Vital Workout Mat, an extra long yoga mat with a no-slip surface


The Traveler May ‘23 collection launching 5.23.23 (at 10 am MT, with Early Access for text subscribers from 9:30–10am) includes the debut of our Versa and Adapt lines. 

The Versa Slouch Tee and Versa Full Tee are women’s styles in XXS to XXXXL sizes, and the Adapt Tee and Adapt Tank are men’s styles in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL.

Each item will be available in 5 colorways from our Vitality Color SystemTM Classic Palette: Mauve, True, Mint, Slate, Ash, and Midnight.

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