Behind the Design, Ep. 12: Cloud II Summer '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 12: Cloud II Summer '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 12: Cloud II Summer '23

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Save whatever you're working on, because we might be about to break the internet.

Here comes Cloud II Summer '23, a collection that's all about letting you dress like the main character of your own story.

Cloud II Trouser in Short, Medium, and Long lengths

Thanks to Its sweat-wicking, antimicrobial (AKA anti-odor), fast-drying, and breathable properties, combined with a ridiculously soft and lightweight feel, Cloud II fabric is basically made for summer activewear. It also has a remarkable ability to hold rich, vivid color, a property we're using to full effect with the debut of our new Bold Palette.

Cloud II Tennis Skorts and Cloud II Square Tanks in our new Bold Palette

The Bold Palette is the first major expansion of the Vitality Color System since we launched it. Where the Classic Palette is versatile and foundational, the Bold Palette is all about adding pops of excitement to your wardrobe. 

Learn more about the Bold Palette here.

For more insight into the inspo behind Cloud II Summer '23, we chatted with Alexa, Vitality's Director of Product.


Our past few collections have been all about technical performance, but Cloud II Summer ‘23 feels like it’s all about color and energy and fun. Can you walk us through the design inspiration for this collection and why we chose Cloud II fabric for these pieces?

We wanted to play with our bold colors and really have fun with it—these Bold Palette colors are just so playful! Cloud II is our tried-and-true fabric and these pieces are meant to wear everywhere. You can pair these pop colors in so many different and unique ways.  

This launch will also include a few specific fit upgrades, style evolutions, and restocks. Can you talk us through those?

We're re-stocking our Cloud II Jacket, Cloud II Trouser, Cloud II Pant, Cloud II Volley Short, and Cloud II Biker Short in additional colors from our bold palette.

The Cloud II Tennis SkortCloud II Square Bra, Cloud II Square TankCloud II X Jumpsuit, and Cloud II X Jumper will be new styles for us. These pieces will feature our signature “no-dig” underbust band and removable foam cups.

We're also expanding our accessories line with three-packs of Scrunchies! And we're restocking the Nude Thong! We had no idea what a hit they would be when we launched them and they sold out almost immediately, but they're finally back!

And, finally, give us a sneak peek behind the scenes at Vitality HQ. What Cloud II Summer pieces are you and the rest of the team obsessing over the most? 

We're all very excited about all the products in this collection, but I think it's fair to say we're obsessed with the Cloud II X Jumpsuit. When we got our final samples in the office, we each tried on our size and it just looks phenomenal on everybody! The bright white contrast stitching adds a fun, unique detail.

But to say we are stoked on this entire launch is an understatement. The excitement in the office is unreal! 


As Alexa explained, Cloud II Summer ‘23 will include many of the classic Cloud II styles that Vitality customers keep in permanent rotation, like the Cloud II Pant, Cloud II Trouser, Cloud II Jacket, Cloud II Volley Short, and Cloud II Biker Short.

But we’re also launching all-new guaranteed favorites, like the Cloud II Square Bra and Cloud II Square Tank, a flirty and functional Cloud II Tennis Skort, and two guaranteed internet-breakers: Cloud II X Jumpsuit and Cloud II X Jumper. 

Vitality's new Cloud II X Jumpsuit with contrast stitching

Along with the new styles and colors of Cloud II Summer ‘23, this collection will also include a restock of our Nude Thong 3 Packs in the Light Nude colorway.

And for even more color…Scrunchies! Expanding on our accessories line, we’re dropping 4 colorways of Vitality Scrunchies, with 2 skinny and 1 large scrunchie in each 3-pack.

Cloud II Summer ‘23 launches June 8, 2023 at 10am MT on the dot. (But trust us: If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite pieces, it will be essential to shop during our Early Access window for this collection! So, if you’re in the U.S. and haven’t yet signed up for Vitality texts, do it now. You can thank us later.)

The Cloud II Summer '23 collection includes women's leggings, gym shorts, jumpsuits, tennis skorts, sports bras, and workout tanks

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