Behind the Design, Ep. 7: Ascend II + Cloud II April '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 7: Ascend II + Cloud II April '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 7: Ascend II + Cloud II April '23 - Vitality

Ascend to a higher level of performance

Spring is popping and here at Vitality we're in a real baby-ducks-and-buttercups kind of mood! The days are getting longer, cold and snow are fading in the rearview, and we’re starting to see the first green shoots of the season. 

This time of year always gets us so excited just to get out and be active any way we can. Spring makes us want to explore, to push our limits, to feel the sun on our skin. Spring is for emerging from hibernation, for thawing out and coming back to life, for starting fresh. For us, it’s the time of year to really put yourself out there—literally and figuratively.

That’s why we’re so thrilled about our new Ascend II + Cloud II April ‘23 collection

Vitality's new Ascend II Volley Shorts for HIIT workouts and more

Featuring new additions to staple Vitality collections as well as upgraded fabrics, improved technology, and fresh prints to give you a whole new way to experience the Vitality Color SystemTM, this drop was specifically designed to inspire confidence, freedom, and a sense of reinvention.

The collection includes a new Cloud II Asym Tank and Cloud II Asym Bra in a striking asymmetrical style, but most exciting is probably the debut of our reengineered Ascend II fabric!

Ascend is one of our all-time top-rated lines, but with this upgrade we’ve taken it to a whole new level. Ascend II is redesigned for performance, with antimicrobial and anti-odor technology, improved flexibility, a sleeker handfeel, more durable construction, and majority recycled material. It’s just one more way Vitality is upgrading everything in 2023.

The new Volley Short in Vitality's Ascend II fabric features sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology and recycled material

We asked Alexa, Vitality’s Director of Product, to take us behind the design of this collection.


What was the design inspiration behind Ascend II + Cloud II April '23?

We were really excited to bring newness this time around! Our goal was to add fresh styles and detail to our athletic wear while still serving up functionality. We are introducing brand new styles in our Cloud II fabric as well as introducing a new and improved Ascend II fabric. 

I’m very excited about the terrain-inspired prints for Ascend II! They purposely pair back to the Cloud II tops, and they’re the first prints we’ve launched in the Vitality Color System, so it will be the first time our customers have gotten prints that mix color families. Adding these pieces to your wardrobe instantly expands the wearability of so many of the pieces from our recent collections!

Ascend has long been one of our most popular lines, but, just like we did with Cloud fabric, we’re giving it an upgrade. What kinds of new features can the Vitality Fam look forward to from this new Ascend II fabric, and what will stay the same?

This Ascend II upgrade is a game-changer. It’s more compressive and slightly heavier weight than the Cloud II fabric, making it great for higher impact activities. 

We’ve added anti-microbial (or, anti-stink) properties to this fabric, and we also increased the amount of spandex so the compression is higher than before, with a greater recovery after being worn. The handfeel is very sleek—it holds up well to friction and hardly collects any lint at all—and we’ve added a distinct double Glute Contour SeamTM for accentuating your curves perfectly. Plus, it’s now made with majority recycled materials

Our new Ascend II Pant is the ultimate sustainable women's leggings for HIIT training

What are some of the “chef’s kiss” special finishing touches in the pieces in this collection that you don’t want anyone to miss?  

The detachable strap on the Cloud II Asym Bra & Asym Tank is definitely a special feature. They're not only fashion-forward tops if worn without the strap, but are functional for working out when you add the strap back on for extra support. 

I also LOVE that the Ascend II prints can pair back with so many of our tops from our recent collections. The prints feature multiple colors from our Classic Palette making it so easy to find a matching top.



In this first Ascend II drop, we’re reintroducing the classic Ascend II Pant and Ascend II Volley Short, with a double Glute Contour SeamTM and four patterned colorways that make for the perfect spring gym look, especially when paired with the Cloud II Asym Tank and Cloud II Asym Bra launching in matching colorways.

Check out the Ascend II + Cloud II April '23 Lookbook
The Cloud II Asym Tank and Cloud II Asym Bra are designed for ultimate comfort and performance while putting a fresh angle on classic workout styles. They offer medium support and compression to flatter your figure, and a removable support strap lets you up the drama on the asymmetrical design. 

These pieces (and…hint hint…a whole lot more) will be dropping 4/13/23 at 10am MT. If you’re not yet signed up for Early Access (and you're based in the U.S.), you can fix that right now.

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